Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12/29/15 My Little Corner of the World: Best of 2015 / KTUH Tues. noon-3pm

Welcome to the Best of 2015 edition, where I'll be playing just some of my favourite music from this year. Trying to pack everything into a three-hour show. However, I'll be subbing for DJ Mermaid this Thursday New Years' Eve, 3-6pm. I'll be playing anything that I couldn't fit on today's show then, which will be Part 2 of my Best of 2015 special.

Moullinex - Things We Do
Daoko - かけてあげる Kakete Ageru
Pinkylab - Morning After
Mariana in Our Heads - Flash Shot
chouchou - eden
Pirokalpin - 波の音 Nami no Oto
LLLL - Long Drive
Blur - Ice Cream Man
Purity Ring - Push Pull
The Bird and the Bee - Please Take Me Home
Panda Bear - Principe Real
Madeon - Zephyr
capsule - Beyond the Sky

Last Dinosaurs - Apollo
Kensei Ogata - Golden Hair
Sakanaction - 新宝島 Shin Takarajima [New Treasure Island]
Fox Capture Plan - Supersonic
mouse on the keys - leviathan
CHEEZE - Romance
Toe featuring Kaela Kimura - オトトタイミングキミト Ototo Timing Kimito
tsunenori - Parabolic Geometry
ESNO featuring Bonjour Suzuki - 21時のクラゲと月 21ji no Kurage to Tsuki
Neon Indian - The Glitzy Hive
Hot Chip - Need You Now
No Devotion - Why Can't I Be With You?
Perfume - Relax in the City

spangle call lilli line - azure
Unison Square Garden - シューガソングとビターステップ Sugar Song & Bitter Step
Ultra Tower - 希望の歌 Kibou no Uta
WEAVER - Kuchizuke Diamond
österreich - 無能 Munō [Incompetence]
Nagi Yanagi - 春擬き Harumodoki [Pseudo-Spring]
Maaya Sakamoto x Cornelius - あなたは保つもの Anata wa Tamotsumono
Atlantis Airport - 光と影の間 Hikatokage no Ma
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - もんだいガール Mondai Girl
Caro Kissa - Saturday Morning
Sleater-Kinney - A New Wave
FIDLAR - West Coast
Tame Impala - Yes I'm Changing

Today's interstitial music:  Teen Daze, Nautiluss, Ryosuke Miyata, Nils Frahm, Dfalt, Jaga Jazzist, Calm, Inoue Shirabe, nitsua, Masayoshi Fujita, Cumeo Project, Jake Shimabukuro, YYSHIDD, Lawrence, and this adorable bit from Koufuku Graffiti.


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