Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12/1/15 My Little Corner of the World / KTUH Tues. noon-3pm

Rachael Yamagata will be performing on Wed. Dec. 2 at the Doris Duke Theatre at the Honolulu Museum of Art for the first time.  More information can be found on the event's Facebook page.  I'll also be giving away passes to the concert on my show today so stay tuned!

spangle call lilli line - azure
The Bilinda Butchers featuring Smany - Sentimental Girls Violent Joke
My Dead Girlfriend - hades in the dead of winter
Club 8 - Someday
Weaver - Kuchizuke Diamond
fox capture plan - Supersonic
Kneebody & Daedelus - Platforming
ハイスイノナサ Haisuinonasa - 地図に無い町 Chizu ni nai Machi [Town Not on a Map]
nitsua - No One Like You
ESNO - Airy Batilda -remix-
Frameworks - Branches
Hot Toddy featuring Danielle Moore - Won't Let Go (Black Strobe Remix)

Sakanaction - 「聴きたかったダンスミュジック、リキッドルームに」Kikitakatta Dance Music, Liquid Room ni.
Hot Chip - Dancing in the Dark
Rachael Yamagata - Elephants
Azin - 잔상 Jansang [After Image]
Kinoko Teikoku - 猫とアレルギー [Cat & Allergy]
Beach House - Marjorette
Benjamin Schoos featuring Mark Gardner - Worlds Away
Serge Gainsbourg - Melody Nelson (Molecule Remix)
Air featuring Francoise Hardy - Jeanne
Friendly Fires - Paris
Phoenix - Fences
Ella Fitzgerald - I Love Paris

Stereolab - Three Women
Panda Bear - Crosswords (EP mix)
EL VY featuring Ural Thomas - Sleepin' Light
Foo Fighters - Sean
Beach Slang - Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas
Tame Impala - New Person, Same Old Mistakes
Rachael Yamagata - Worn Me Down
Dalmoon - 달리기 [Running]
Shin Rizumu - Music Life
Mr. Children - エソラ Esora
Perfume - Relax in the City
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - 葛城 ミサトKatsuragi MisatoYEBISU (Yung Bae Edit)
Saint Pepsi - Better

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