Wednesday, April 30, 2014

KTUH Wednesday Omakase 4/30/14 noon-3pm

To all winners, screening passes for tonight's The Amazing Spiderman 2 can be viewed and redeemed at  For any technical issues, you can contact

Thanks to everyone for tuning in!

Keiko Matsui - Black Lion
enon - In This City
Cornelius - Clash
Jesse Ruins - Dream Analysis (Sapphire Slows Remix)
Zazen Boys - Asobi
indigo la End - billion billion
mudy on the Sakuban - YOUTH
Flipper's Guitar - Friends Again
Pizzicato Five - Passing By
Sleepy.ab - Siesta
ACIDMAN - ±0 (second line)
Towa Tei feat. UA - Last Century Modern
capsule - Mirai Seikatsu
Lucite Tokki - The Way

HALCALI - Peek-a-Boo (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix)
Nujabes feat. Substantial - Hikari
Onra - Relax in Mui Ne
Shinichi Osawa - Main Street Electrical Parade
Perfume - Clockwork
Negoto - Mayonaka no Anthem
Base Ball Bear - yoakemae
Straightener - Train
Luminous Orange - How High
moumoon - One Step
Akai Ko-en - Uruoi no Hito
Mr.Children - Fake
Fantastic Plastic Machine - There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) [Tanimoody Mix]

Blur - End of a Century
Snowmine - Rome
The National - Wake Up Your Saints
The Menzingers - My Friend Kyle
Make Up and Mend - Disassemble
American Football - I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional
The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good
Frank Ocean - Swim Good
Nightbox - Wonderworlds
Adventure Club - Wonder
Com Truise - Miserere Mei
Teebs - View Point
Bad Suns - Cardiac Arrest
Beastie Boys - Shadrach
Ramona Lisa - Lady's Got Gills

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