Wednesday, April 2, 2014

KTUH Wednesday Omakase 4/2/2014 noon-3pm

Kawaii Kon will be happening from April 4-6 at the Hawaii Convention Center. Today, I'll be playing an anime theme song playlist at 1:00pm on KTUH to get us geared for this event. Enjoy!

rourourourous - All Things Must Pass
Adult Child - You
Takuya Kuroda - Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow
mouse on the keys - Seiren
Takako Minekawa - Milk Rock (Cornelius Remix)
Makoto - Artcore
Himuro - My Beats Your Beats
From the Airport - Chemical Love
Sakanaction - Eureka
HaKU - Kaihōgen
Tricot - C&C
Eastern Youth - Itsudemo Kokoni Iru

1:00pm Anime Set
Kenji Ohtsuki & Zetsubou Shojotachi - Ringo Mogire Beam!
The pillows - Last Dinosaur
Satou Satomi & Kayano Ai - Kimi ni Matsuwaru Mystery
Nujabes - Battlecry
369 - Kasumi
Joe Hisaishi & Youmi Kimura - The Merry-Go-Round of Life
The Seatbelts feat. Aoi Tada - Wo Qui Non Coin
coaltar of the deepers - Dear Future (Watchman Remix feat. Yui Horie)
Kana Hanazawa - Yuki ni Saku Hana
Chitose Hajime - Kataritsugu Koto
Rocky Chack - Ringo Biyori ~Wolf Whistling Song~
Susumu Hirasawa - Maromi's Theme

Tokyo Police Club - Beaches
Cloud Nothings - Psychic Trauma
I Am the Avalanche - The Shape I'm In
Finch - Fireflies
CHVRCHES - Strong Hand
Yumi Zouma - It Feels Good to Be Around You (Air France cover)
Copeland - Should You Return
Tycho - L
Hybrid Theory - All Dark
Kartell - Riviera
Thievery Corporation feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani - Décollage
De La Soul - Dilla Plugged In
Yoko Konno & Steve Conte - Living Inside the Shell

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