Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/16/16 My Little Corner of the World / KTUH Tues. noon-3pm

My last show on Tuesday. Will be moving to a new slot tbd at a later date. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and called during the past two years at this timeslot. I'll also be subbing other shows here and there, so stay tuned!

Ólafur Arnalds - Öldurót
Peter Broderick - Carried
[.que] - Hope
Metome - Rolling
Chari Chari - Aurora
hi-posi - ひまわり Himawari [Sunflower]
BAGDAD Cafe the Trench Town - Welcome Home ~おかえり~ Okaeri
The Slackers - Cooking for Tommy
Whitney - Red Moon
Hiroyuki Tanaka - Hot Sea
Jizue - Rain Dog
Oddisee - The Breakthrough

globe - Departures
米米CLUB Kome Kome Club - 君がいるだけで Kimi ga Iru Dake de
Night Tempo with Shou - Marmalade
八神純子 Junko Yagami - 夜空のイヤリング Yozora no Earring
rjnk featuring 町乃 Machino - 渋谷上空 [Shibuya Sky]
セラニポージ Serani Poji - Octopus Daughter
위 아더 나잇 [We Are the Night] - 레인, 컬러 [Rain, Color]
Triple-Q - Lazarus In Love (David Bowie vs. Space Dandy)
DJ Kawasaki featuring Lena Fujii - Bright Like Light
Sam Gellaitry - Desert Mirage
Kaytranada - Track Uno

Yung Bae - Don't Say Yes
Jessy Lanza - Never Enough
禁断の多数決 Kindan no Tasuketsu - くるくるスピン大会 Kuru Kuru Spin Taikai
Hudson Mohawke - Octan
Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake
The Graduate - Make Believe
Deas Vail - Excuses
Field Mouse - The Mirror
Takota - Car Park Conversation
Descendents - Shameless Halo
Tricot - 節約家 Setsuyakuka
The Sleeping - Loud and Clear
Protomartyr - Born to Be Wine
TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun
Yo La Tengo - My Little Corner of the World

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