Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3/22/16 My Little Corner of the World / KTUH Tues. noon-3pm

The first episode on the new frequency!  KTUH is now at 90.1 FM island-wide. We still have our frequency at 91.1FM in North Shore, so if the 90.1 FM signal fades out there, you can always tune in at 91.1.

I want to thank everyone who supported KTUH during Radiothon this past two weeks. It means a lot to me, especially hearing the feedback from listeners, and we wouldn't be here without your support. Much aloha!

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - 新しい世界 Atarashii Sekai [New World]
Nagi Yanagi - 春擬き Harumodoki [Pseudo-spring]
ちょうちょ Choucho - Kawaru Mirai [Changing Future]
Pizzicato Five - Sakura Sakura
Bill Evans - Spring Is Here
Kenichi Shimazu Trio - 桜桃 Sakuranbō
Supercar - TIME
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
Games - Everything Is Working
Luminary Youth - Jets to Bangalore
Röyksopp - Happy Up Here
[.que] - Springlike
Nujabes - Child's Attraction
80kidz - Weekend Warrior
Air France - Collapsing at Your Doorstep

Leon Vynehall - Inside the Deku Tree
Pirokalpin - Wonder World
Beach House - Bluebird
Bonjour Suzuki - あの森で待ってる Ano Mori de Matteru [Waiting in That Forest]
Honpo Furukawa featuring Kana Otsubo (spangle call lilli line) - 春の Haruno
Senri Kawaguchi - Spring in Lviv
school food punishment - futuristic imagination
The Joy Formidable - The Ladder Is Ours
Further Seems Forever - The Sound
Refused - Liberation Frequency
Thursday - In Transmission
Mock Orange - We Work

Into It. Over It - Vis Major
Open Hand - Radio Days
Radiohead - Bloom
CAFUNÉ - Runaways
Kevin Devine - Imitation of Life
Nada Surf - Rushing
Sakanaction - Boku to Hana
スピッツ Spitz - Cherry
Hikaru Utada - Heart Station
レミオロメン Remioromen - Sakura
Mr. Children - tomorrow never knows
Kagrra, - 彩の讃歌 Irodori no Sanka [Hymn of Colour]
Day Wave - Hard to Read

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