Wednesday, May 14, 2014

KTUH Wednesday Omakase 5/14/14 noon-3pm

Starting this week, KTUH will be in running for the annual Soundtap Madness.  You can listen and support us at and click on KTUH (also note, listeners must be logged in for playtimes to count).  Thanks!

I'll also be taking a trip to Japan for two weeks.  DJ El Raptor will be taking over for me, so you'll be in good hands.  I'll see you again in June.

Upcoming Events:
The Ukulele Picnic will be happening at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park on 5/25/2014.  More information and show schedule can be found at their website.

SCANDAL will be performing alongside Kimaguren and Monkey Majik on June 1 as part of the Honolulu Ekiden & Music Festival.  More information can be found at the Ekiden website.

Shelling - Over (Another Side)
Cornelius - Star Fruits Surf Rider
Sakanaction - Rookie
Shonen Knife - Dance to the Rock
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Family Party
supercell - Sayonara Memories
School food punishment - Hikari
SCANDAL - Haruka
Kimaguren - LIFE
Monkey Majik - fly
Lily of the Valley - aquatree

Boredoms - (star)
Buffalo Daughter - Oui Oui
Perfume - 1mm
Nujabes - sea of cloud
TA2MI feat. Hi-Low - Grapevine Asia
Fatima Al Qadiri - Szechuan
Tsuji Ayano - Kaze ni Nare
Ryo Natoyama - Way 2 Go!!
MONGOL800 - Don't Worry Be Happy
Eastern Youth - Sora ni Mikazuki Kaerimichi
Boris - Spoon
Mr.Children - Mirai
mouse on the keys - spectres de mouse

Toe feat. Toki Asako - Goodbye
the HIATUS - Thirst (Kai Takahashi Remix)
Supercar - TIME
The pillows - Black Sheep
Metome - Take This Love (Julien Mier Remix)
capsule - CONTROL

Kishi Bashi - Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!
Beck - Blue Moon
Name Taken - Control
We Are Scientists - It's a Hit
Foster the People - A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon
Fujiya & Miyagi - Acid to My Alkaline
Ramona Lisa - Backwards and Upwards
Michael Jackson - It's the Falling in Love

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