Wednesday, February 19, 2014

KTUH Wednesday Omakase 2/19/14 noon-3:00pm

KTUH Music Sale is happening today and tomorrow, from 11am to 2pm.  The music sale will be occurring at UH Manoa Campus Center and various KTUH DJs will be spinning there.

Cibo Matto - Emerald Tuesday
Yakkle x Shing02 - Champ Magnetique
Freetempo - Sky High
Nujabes - 1st Samurai
Meishi Smile - Pale (mus.hiba remix)
Cornelius - Kaisan! (Reverse)
Perfume - Fake It
Akai Ko-en - Kaze ga Shitteru
Shuta Hasunuma - Discover Tokyo
Lullatone - All the Optimism of Early January
Shugo Tokumaru - Rum Hee
Teruyuki Nobuchika - mou
miyachan akichan - memories of lily
Small Color - Daisy

That Lingering Feeling - First Light
androp - Q.E.D.
Soil&Pimp SessionsとShiina Ringo - My Foolish Heart ~crazy on earth~
Homecomings - I Want You Back
Mitsume - Sasayaki
The pillows - Happy Bivouac
Envy - Further Ahead of Warp
Ling tosite sigure - Telecastic fake show
Heaven in Her Arms - Halcyon
Vassline - Crane
Husking Bee - Sing to Me
Polysics - O Mega Ne
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Midnight Klaxon Baby
Kinoko Teikoku - Umi to Hanataba

Phantogram - Fall in Love
Stars - One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead)
The Republic of Wolves - Cardinals
The Notwist - Signals
Dfalt - Chip
Cut Copy - In Memory Capsule
Fanfarlo - Cell Song
XO - Crazy
Saosin - I Can Tell
Number One Gun - Make This Last Forever
Candy Hearts - Miles and Interstates
Childish Gambino - 3005
De La Soul - Plug Tunin (Last Chance to Comprehend)
Bombay Bicycle Club - Overdone

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