Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Portable Airport Hits 12/18/2013 noon-3pm

Now with a new show title!  Some winter tunes to start off the season, and maybe couple of soothing ones for Finals week.

I'll be having a special Holiday edition on Christmas Day.  I'll be switching slots with James Charisma just for next week, so I'll be starting at 3:00pm to 6:00pm.  He'll be on noon to 3:00pm.

I'll be returning to noon-3:00pm for New Year's Day, when we'll be having the Best of 2013 special.

Lullatone - Here Comes the Sweater Weather
Tomggg - Popteen
Carpainter - Mothership
Clazziquai Project - Blessed
Perfume - Fake It
Pizzicato Five - Magic Carpet Ride
Hiroshima - Red Buddha
Nujabes feat. Hiroto Uyama - Spiritual State
Andrew Naratama - Putar Haluanmu
Tricot - POOL
Negoto - Synchromanica
Oceanlane - Submarine Volcano

miwa - Hikari e
Sakanaction - Music
capsule - Super speeder Judy Jedy
Remioromen - Konayuki
Caroline - Sleep
For Tracy Hyde - World Noise Watch
Kindan no Tasuketsu - Kurukuru Spin Taikai
Melt-Banana - Zero
Sunny Day Service - Seishun Kyōsōkyoku
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark
Special Thanks - I My Me Mine
Rie fu - Romantic

the field - over the ice
The Postal Service - Be Still My Heart
Bright Eyes - Gold Mine Gutted
flying lotus - About that time // a glitch is a glitch
miracle - sunstar
sufjan stevens - too much
time wharp - 1992
teen daze - ice on the windowsill
Ducktails - Letter of Intent
Stars - Winter Bones
Thursday - Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart
The 1975 - Pressure
daedelus - paradiddle
Rosie Thomas - Snow Day

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