Wednesday, November 27, 2013

KTUH Wednesday Omakase 11/27/13 noon-3:00pm

Hey, if you're still reading this... yes, you!... Don't forget to tune into DJ Mr. Nick's final episode of The Jet Set today on KTUH. It'll be an extended episode starting at 5:00pm HST!

12:25pm (Sorry!)
Carpainter - Eureka
Round Table with Nino - Let Me Be With You
Meishi Smile - 放課後の約束 (☼ SUMMER BREEZE RMX. ☼)
80kidz - Czerny 13
capsule - DELETE
Sakanaction - Aoi
cuushe - I Dreamt About Silence

Piana - Beyond the Season
Predawn - What does it mean?
Takako Minekawa - Desert Song
miaou - Airglow
Pawn - 4 Grid Complex
Nujabes - Child's Attraction
De De Mouse - milkyway planet
Kitaro - Traveler
Vassline - Overture to Recomposition
Ling tosite sigure - Sadistic Summer
Guitar Wolf - Teenage UFO
Flipper's Guitar - Camera! Camera! Camera!
Wallflower - Dreamy Days

Sankaiten to Hito Hineri - Sankaiten to Hito Hineri's Theme
Passepied feat. Izumi Makura - Saishū Densha (FragmentのRemix)
Czecho no Republic - Music
Base Ball Bear - Breeeeze Girl
NICO Touches the Wall - Hologram
SCANDAL - Space Ranger
Shiina Ringo - Ariamaru Tomi

Andrew Bird - Hover II
Jake Shimabukuro - Me & Shirley T.
Daedelus - Music Concrete
M+A - Down the West Side
Adrian Lux feat. Dante - Burning
Doves - Black and White Town
Blood Orange - Uncle Ace

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