Wednesday, September 4, 2013

KTUH Afternoon Show (Name Pending) 9/4/13 noon-3pm

tricot - Oyasumi
Soutaiseiriron - Teito Modern
Soil&"Pimp"SessionsとShiina Ringo - Koroshiya Kiki Ippatsu
Sleepy.ab - Siesta
LAMA - Fantasy
Shinichi Osawa - Zingaro
80kidz - Prisma
ent - Airwalker
Lucite Tokki - Go
Jizue - Eat Faker
Towa Tei - Butterfly (Cornelius Remix)
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Honolulu, Calcutta
ACIDMAN - Real Distance

For Tracy Hyde - Shady Lane Sherbet
Sankaiten to Hito Hineri - Kirikae Girls
Shugo Tokumaru - Parachute
fulare_pad - Hikaru Inochi
Yoshida Brothers - Ajigasawa Jinku
Kanji Ohta & the Jazz Family with Jimmy Heath - The Voice of the Saxophone
Osamu Kitajima - Behind the Light
Hualun - The Song of Maldoror
Sugar Plum Ferry - The Tolling Bell
Envy - Isolation of a Light Source
Ling tosite sigure - I was music

Té - It Is Supposed to Be "Ordinary" That Imagination Moves Faster and Much Freely Than Bright Light in the Darkness
Toe - Shōshitsu Tenyo Fue
Pizzicato Five - Love's Theme (Saint Etienne Mix)
Piana - Hydrangea
Every Little Thing - Harinezumi no Koi
Negoto - greatwall
Suemitsu & the Suemith - Allegro Cantabile
Beat Crusaders - Because
Moscow Club - Lizaveta
Turntable Films feat. Predawn - Animal's Olives (Handsomeboy Technique Remix)
Yucca - summer emotion
Rocky Chack - Perfect World
Adultchild - 민들레 [Dandelion]

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