Monday, August 19, 2013

My Little Corner of the World 8/19/13 mid-3:00am

You can also catch me on Wednesdays from noon to 3pm.  My last show on this slot will be next week, when the school year starts.

Yuna - Live Your Life
Every Little Thing - ...
Shiina Ringo - Mellow
The Lisbon Maru - When You Sleep (mbv cover)
Pirokalpin - Etude
Shelling - Over
Pizzicato Five - Happy Ending (oval's if then else mix)
bisk - convergence
Towa Tei - Technova
DJ Krush feat. CL Smooth - Only the Strong Survive
Osamu Kitajima - Sei
Geskia! - Montage
Sakanaction - Boku to Hana

capsule - Feelin' Alright
Fantastic Plastic Machine - There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) [Mix for Mirror Ball]
Shinichi Osawa - Our Song
1000say - Lostman
mouse on the keys - spectres de mouse
Kitaro - Japanese Drums
Deuter - Khumbe
Cornelius - Fit Song
Polysics - Rocket
Melt-Banana - Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold
Envy - The Spiral Manipulation
the HIATUS - Centipede

Beat Crusaders - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
The pillows - Ladybird Girl
Shonen Knife - Strawberry Cream Puff
Shugo Tokumaru - Rum Hee
she - tokyo nights
Perfume - Speed of Sound
Shoji Meguro - Heaven
80kidz - Weak Point
Base Ball Bear - Dramatic

Anberlin - Alexithymia
Washed Out - All Over Now
Ume - Captive
The Octopus Project - The Man With the Golden Hand
Boys Noize - Starwin
Phoenix feat. R. Kelly - Trying to Be Cool [Remix]
Mansions on the Moon - Athens

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