Monday, July 8, 2013

KTUH 7/8/13 mid-3:00am

Next week will have kind of a special edition of My Little Corner of the World next week, at this time.  Keep it locked to KTUH.

Elektone - Falling Into You
coaltar of the deepers - Dear Future
LLLL - Drowned Fish
Envy - Scene
plane - left
sleepy.ab - Merry Go Round
Remioromen - Konayuki
Tricot - Shichinarabe
Ling tosite sigure - Filmsick Mystery
Ellegarden - Stereoman
the pillows - Hello, Welcome to Bubbletown's Happy Zoo (Instant Show)

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Cold Edge
Straightener - Train
Beat Crusaders - Because
Boris - フリー
Tokyo Jihen - Denpa Tsuushin
Shonen Knife - Tomato Head
Cibo Matto - Sunday Pt. I
Nujabes feat. Cise Starr & Akin - Feather
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Electric Lady Land
Buffalo Daughter - Great Five Lakes (Cornelius Remix)
The Boredoms - Super Are
mouse on the keys - spectres de mouse
Keiji Kawamori - Water
Kenji Kawai - main theme_memory
Supercar - Aoharu Youth

Neon Bunny - Bubbles
Hourmelts - Your World, My Nest, Vague Trust
capsule - Starry Sky
Geskia! - BGMREM
80kidz - Weak Point
Yoshida Brothers - Namonaki Oka
Shinichi Mori - Tokyo Blues
Shugo Tokumaru - Katachi
Toe - Tremolo+Delay
ent - Dragon Fruit
Shiina Ringo - Kyogenshou
My Little Lover - Alice
Shion Tsuji - Sky Chord ~Otona ni Naru Kimi e~

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